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My husband loves to help me out with design ideas, even though he's a civil engineer- I give him props for trying.
After I created this piece he kept saying, that looks like a military pin (it turns out it's an upside down Sargent), which lead to the military-esque naming of this piece- thanks babe!

As young men both of my grandfathers (and my husband's grandfathers) served in the military. They were strong, brave and proud Americans. My Papanose (I think I might have been trying to say Papa Munoz when I gave him that name) died when I was a kid so our time together was limited but I can picture him in my head as a young man in his freshly pressed uniform, sporting a pair of aviators, the quintessential handsome soldier.

approx. 3" long x 1" wide
available in 14kt gold fill with silver chain or all sterling silver
alternate length available upon request

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